How Long Do Golf Shoes Last

How Long Do Golf Shoes Last?

Golf shoes can be a pretty expensive purchase. If you want the latest top of the line models from Footjoy or Adidas then you could easily be looking at $200 per pair. Given that level of investment you might wonder how long do golf shoes last?

How Long Should Golf Shoes Last?

Assuming normal wear and tear a pair of shoes should last at least 12 months if you play roughly twice a week. However it will depend on the quality of the shoe, how well you care for them and the conditions you put them through.

If you regularly play in the rain then just chuck them in the trunk of your car till next week the chances are they will wear out more quickly.

How Often Should You Replace Golf Shoes?

Your shoes are an important piece of golf equipment, and you should replace them when they start to wear out. Most golfers will get a few years out of a pair of shoes, but if you play a lot of golf, you may need to replace your shoes every quite regularly. If you tend to walk rather than ride on the golf course, you may also need to replace your shoes more often.

If you play more than twice a week you might be better off getting a second pair of shoes so you can rotate them which will give the shoe a chance to dry out properly between rounds.

Can You Wear Golf Shoes Everyday?

The answer is yes you can wear your golf shoes everyday, but it depends on the type of golf shoe. If you have a spiked golf shoe, you should only wear it on the golf course. Spikeless golf shoes can be worn anywhere. Soft spikes are made of rubber or plastic and are also safe to wear off the golf course. Shoes with metal spikes can last a long time, but they can damage the greens.

Is It Bad To Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete?

Wearing golf shoes on concrete is not a good idea. The spikes on the bottom of the shoe can get damaged by the concrete, and over time, the spikes will need to be replaced. Many golfers wear spikeless golf shoes on concrete to avoid this problem. If your course has a lot of areas where you need to walk on hard surfaces you might be better off buying spikeless shoes.

How Can I Make Golf Shoes Last Longer?

Golf shoes can last a long time with proper care especially if they are a quality pair. If they have spikes then change the spikes regularly to prolong the life of your golf shoes.

If they get wet then dry them properly. Not in front of a radiator! Clean them regularly as well and apply polish or cream to the leather uppers. Don’t store them in your car if you can help it!

Replace your golf shoes every few years, or as needed.

When Should I Buy a New Pair of Golf Shoes?

It really depends on how often you play and how well you take care of your shoes. For the average player, it’s probably time to replace golf shoes every 1-2 years.

But if you play a lot or don’t take good care of your shoes, you may need to replace them more often. Signs it’s time to replace your golf shoes include the sole starting to wear thin or the spikes wearing down. Taking care of your shoes by regularly cleaning and polishing them will help them last longer.

Will Spikeless Golf Shoes Last Longer Than Traditional Shoes?

It’s hard to do a direct comparison but I don’t think that a spikeless shoe made to the same standard would last any longer than a spiked show.

At the end of the day if they are using the same materials and construction method then the only difference is the spike so they should last the same amount of time.

What Can You Wear If You Don’t Have Golf Shoes?

If you don’t have a pair of golf shoes, you can still play golf. You just won’t have the same traction as a golfer who does wear golf shoes.

It might also be a problem at certain golf clubs as many will require you to wear proper golf shoes.

How long will golf shoes last

How Long Do Golf Shoes Last: Summary

How long is a piece of string? The length of time your shoes will last will depend on a lot of factors including how often they are used, the type of weather you play in and how well you look after them. You might wreck them in 6 months or they might last several years!

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